I love my ex still?

I started dating a girl who I have a lot in common with and don't see us really ever fighting much as a couple. But I really miss and love my ex girlfriend of a year and a half still. We fought constantly, almost every day. But I've never loved someone like I love (d) her. I'm not sure what I need to do.


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  • How could you have ever been with her so long if you didn't love her. You can love more than one person. Just don't be loven both. I will always love my ex. We've been divorced for over 10 years. We still get along. In fact better then when we were married. If we are both single we hook up just to satisfy the need. But no intentions of getting back together.

    I've always liked the saying. (A relic cigarette never tastes the same, and that's all I'll preach about rekindling an old flame)

  • 1. You're not ready for a relationship. Get over her now and then get to your new girlfriend.
    2. Break up with your current girlfriend and return to your ex.
    3. Break up with your current girlfriend and remain single

  • Well you are dating a woman but you are still in love with your ex, that is not a good sign at all, it indicates that you are not ready to move on, you are not ready for a relationship. There are 2 things you can do.

    1. You can either stop dating the woman and see if there is a chance to get back together with your ex, but for that it's important that your ex should also love you the same way as you are loving her even after break up. Do you think that's the case? you need to ask yourself that question.

    2. You should find a way to forget about your ex, come out of your past concentrate in the present and the woman that you are dating. Don't let your past affect your present.


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