Do you think he wants to be with me?

We broke up after a year
i asked him if how he turned off his emotions after he broke up but he said he never did.
We talk everyday and like we are meant to be friends supposedly... but like we spoke and I told him I still like him and he was like should have told him since but I tried to before but he was being bitchy.
then he asked if I liked being friends with him but he is feeling hostility from me but he still cares about me.
Then he asked me what I wanted from him and what he thinks doesn't matter. I told him I want to be with him but I was like sigh that will never happen.
Then he was like we have spoke about this before and that the word never had never been used. But we spoke about how he wanted a break before we broke up and that he would come back to me eventually so I don't know what he wants from me?
Do you think he wants to be with me?
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