I want him to tell me he's seeing someone else

I broke up with a long distance boyfriend 6 months ago. We were together 3 years but only saw each other every 3 months. It wasn't working for either of us because it was impossible for either of us to move (I have a child who I don't want to disrupt and he has a family business he can't leave). It's been hard for me because I still love him and can't even think about seeing anyone else.

We're on good terms and email nearly every day. I know it would probably be better just to break things off completely but I can't seem to bring myself to do it. He doesn't seem to want to either even though I know he doesn't feel the same way I do.

I don't ever hear from him on the weekends so I know he must be seeing someone else but when I ask or hint at it he either denies it or ignores the question. I'm convinced that knowing would help me move on and I've told him this. How can I get him to admit it to me?


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  • if he doesn't feel the same way then its better to break things off completely. I know its painful but if you don't you will only get hurt

    • Isn't it possible to be friends with an ex? He says he doesn't want to lose touch with me. I just want him to tell me he's seeing someone else so I can try and think of him as just a friend.

    • Look if you stay friends with him it will be like he never lost you and he'll won't feel the need to get back with you.

    • I don't think there's any possibilty for us to get back together - the distance is too much. I just want to get past being in love with him.

  • Its only a matter of time you will drift appart and move on the contact will decrease especially if he is seeing someone else...


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