I don't even know how to word this question. I am so confused, how should I deal with this?

I really need advice, and I'm turning to the internet because I already know what my friends are going to tell me and their opinions are biased anyway. So let me tell you all about my relationship status right now. My ex - boyfriend and I dated for 3 years. The last year of our relationship was long distance (we went to the same college but home towns are 9hrs away), and I could tell by his behaviour that something fishy was going on. He wouldn't reply to my texts or phone calls and always used work or family emergencies as an excuse. When he realized i was catching on he admitted that he was cheating on me. We ended our relationship in August of 2014. I unfriended/ followed him on all of my social media accounts. And decided to spend the rest of the year focusing on my future and what i was going to do with my life. I didn't hear from my ex until my birthday rolled around in spring of 2015. I thought he was just trying to be nice and maybe patch up our friendship. I knew from friends he was still seeing the girl he cheated on me with. A week after he texted me again and we started talking almost everyday. I was ready to finally forgive him. But then it got more serious he told me that he missed me and i admitted to still having feelings for him. But i wasn't ready to be in a relationship with him again, not yet. He understood that he had to gain my trust back. In June of last year he broke up with his girlfriend and we started dating again. He came out to visit me about twice a month (evry 2nd weeknd) Things were started feeling like our relationship was in a good place. I asked him last Christmas if i could go visit him for a change, he made an excuse for me not to go. I asked a few more times and got excuses. In May of this year i found out he was still seeing that girl on the side so I broke up with him - again. He sent a text last week saying he has feelings for both of us. What should i do? I still love him. Is it really possible to love 2 people at once?
I don't even know how to word this question. I am so confused, how should I deal with this?
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