My date didn't happen yesterday. Is she busy or is she bailing?

alright so we met and agreed for a date on Saturday. She said Monday. I agreed didn't say anything as usual till Monday morning. I messaged her saying what time we should meet. She sent me a quite intimate photo, and said she'll let me know. Then she didn't message me, I messaged her saying at midnight to say want to do it another time? She still hasn't messaged me. I don't want to text her again to seem desperate or needy.

Does this mean she bailed or something happened?

Normally i would move on but she sent me a photo of her cream coloured melons, to sound discreet, I'm confused?


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  • Dude, she sent you a picture of her melons and then did not get a hold of you... sound to me like she made other plans.

    You likely interrupted her with your midnight text.

    I would count yourself lucky and move on.

    • Did not get a hold of me?

      She sent me completely nude and said she'll let me know when she's free after I said when shall I come over

      Then didn't message back?

    • Oh and why am I lucky?

    • She sounds like she may be a trampoline? If that is what your wanting then sit back and let her get back to you when she finally does.

      If not, then hope that she does not get back to you and count yourself lucky.

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  • She gives the mixed signals. Let her go and find someone honest

  • She isn't interested at all

    • Why would she send a photo of her self naked after a shower saying I'm waiting for you and then not respond after a few hours?

What Guys Said 1

  • You dumpah and you dumpah fast.


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