Why do I feel like I lost out?

I dated a guy briefly, but he left us as friends after his confused feelings. He just plain out rejected me w/distance and coldness. The guy is truly nothing special and I know I can do so much better. I'm not being shallow, I really cared for the guy, but I cannot convince him to be w/me. I am so confused, people say I'm pretty, I feel like I have my head on straight, I'm pretty well settled w/my schooling and career etc. I emotionally connected w/the guy, but other then that I cannot understand why I feel like I completely lost out on something wonderful. There are guys out there who would walk to the ends of the earth for me, but I'm hurting over a guy who gave me leftover crumbs from the table. There are guys out there w/a good education, better looking, more serious etc, why the heck am I crying over a guy that is cute, but overweight, no education and no serious career?


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What Guys Said 2

  • i disagree with what you are saying because it depends on the individual. everyone has different type of attractions and you attracted to a guy like that and for all you know the guy with a better education can be an abuser behind the closed doors so don't think like that. just move on and try again with someone else that is your type once the healing process is over

    • I'm not saying people w/out an education are terrible people, I'm just wondering why I fall head over heels for guys that don't even care about me.

    • you are attracted to their personality that is why there is nothing wrong with it and don't blame yourself for it

  • Because of the difference, because you're weak and have huge self confidence,
    with less coverage. You speak more, but do less, that's why.
    You see him as a stronger person than you and now you kinda feel bad and regret. Accept the things as they are and move on.
    Men are the stronger gender, so accept it and deal with it.


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  • It's the one that got away syndrome. When people go to the ends of the earth for us we feel fulfilled with that relationship. When someone doesn't the desire to chase them or to have them back takes over. Examine your feelings does this man make you a better person? Feel good? Fulfill what you need in a partner?


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