Why do I feel like I lost out?

I dated a guy briefly, but he left us as friends after his confused feelings. He just plain out rejected me w/distance and coldness. The guy is truly nothing special and I know I can do so much better. I'm not being shallow, I really cared for the guy, but I cannot convince him to be w/me. I am so confused, people say I'm pretty, I feel like I have my head on straight, I'm pretty well settled w/my schooling and career etc. I emotionally connected w/the guy, but other then that I cannot understand why I feel like I completely lost out on something wonderful. There are guys out there who would walk to the ends of the earth for me, but I'm hurting over a guy who gave me leftover crumbs from the table. There are guys out there w/a good education, better looking, more serious etc, why the heck am I crying over a guy that is cute, but overweight, no education and no serious career?
Why do I feel like I lost out?
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