Why did he say I was the best thing to ever happen to him, then leave me?

We've been together 4 years. We didn't have any problems, nor did we have any recent fights. He has shown me nothing but love the whole time and everyday told me he loved me, on his own. He told me I was the best thing that's ever happened to him. He always wanted me to cuddle to him at night. We were planning a trip in a week. He even told me to email his dad and tell him we were going to meet him. Then he up and left me yesterday, with no warning.

Why did he show me all this love and say all those things if he was going to leave?

He leave things of his here for me to see. He left his cologne here, and I don't know why. I guess so I could see it.


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  • A story to illustrate this would be a guy being in a great relationship with a woman. Everything was great until he spotted she left bills unpaid despite having plenty of money, not turning up to her job despite enjoying it and little things like that building up.

    Even though the guy loved her to pieces, he accepted she was a liability. She was so untogether he couldn't imagine her raising their children well. He finished the relationship because he wanted children and the woman to be a good mother.

    Perhaps your partner spotted something which may have been a fatal flaw you're not aware of and left you because you didn't fit into his future plans.


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  • You probably took him for granted thinking that he couldn't live without you since he loved you so much. So he walked to pursue other opportunities and left the cologne to remind you of what you had and that you messed up. Just because he was willing to be generous in love and give you everything you needed to be happy, and you got your way and thought that there were no problems, does not mean he got everything he needed. Face it, you messed up somewhere, you got lazy, you didn't put as much into as him and he finally had enough and moved on.


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  • I'm sorry for you pain. That's a tough one but the only thing I can think of is that he either got "cold feet" or talked to someone who covinced him of something that isn't realistic.

    Either way, it is totally NOT your fault and you deserve better than him.

    It may sound cliche right now but its true.

    Do what makes you feel really good and he will be left in the dust in no time.

  • It's hard to say :( I hope you both figure it out. Hopefully it's a temporary scare, but you'll need to talk it through together.


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