We had sex... Now What?

My ex and I have been broken up for 2 years. He would text every now and then just checking in for two years! We both dated (other people) and moved on then broke up, but still remained in contact. Recently things have been odd. As always he tells me I’m beautiful and he “ always liked me and loves me as a person and wishes me well” Bull crap. Whatever. Then we had sex. After two years I should have known better. It was a one-time thing; I’m not having sex with him again. We broke up because I felt he didn’t spend enough time with me and we lived in different cities. We just had a lot of drama at the time, which has now disappeared.

A couple of months ago (while we BOTH were in a relationship) we hung out and he said sorry for how the relationship ended and if he hurt me he’s sorry. I was caught off guard because I was in a relationship plus we dated two years ago and I didn’t care how we broke up. I didn’t understand his point for telling me this now.


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  • Maybe his feelings have changed


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  • He just wanted to have a good easy feck.

  • He obviously only wanted to have his way with you and leave you all alone feeling like this. If he really loved you still he would of came back and said can we take things slow can we go on a date instead of having sex then leaving


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