Why does my mother Facebook stalk my ex?

So, my parents hated the only girl that I was in a serious relationship with for two years. They said they didn't like her because she was three years older than me and divorced. And because they internet stalked her and found out in a blog that she wanted to roam around the house naked. They never met her. And they think that moving in with someone without getting married equals murder. Yes, that is what they actually said. I am an Asian by the way, where most people are super traditional and conservative.

She later broke up because of (I think) the distance (we moved to different countries and were separated for a year) and disconnect between us and quite possibly my parents' craziness.

Anyway, that's eight months ago. I completely removed my ex from my life as soon as we were broken up.. Phone number, social media, pictures, chats, everything. Just talked to her once a couple of weeks after breaking up.. I forgot about Skype :-P

After we broke up, I caught my mother checking out my ex's profile and I confronted her. She said she wanted to know what my ex was doing. I caught her again after a while. And apparently she's still doing it! Why does she do it? I mean, she hated her, refused to even meet her, and didn't want us to be together. She got her wish, then why does she still do it! And it's not just my ex who she stalks, it's also her siblings, her mother, her friends and the ex's ex husband too!!

Do your parents also do shit like this? I'm almost 30 for crying out loud!! Why would someone do that?


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  • Tell them its creepy and if you're over her they should be. Also tell them that you're thirty and you'll date whoever the hell you want.

    Also, she wanted to walk naked around the house? You mean there are weird people who don't? Conservative or not, as long as the curtains are shut and no one else is about then whats the harm in letting it all hang loose? xD Sounds like your parents just flat out looked for any reason not to like her.

    • Yes.. My Parents are overprotective and are major control freaks which is how I justify their madness. Also my dad's parents were like him..

      And, well, maybe I'm not completely over her. It was a good relationship which makes it harder to get over. Maybe my mother has had a change of heart about this girl. Otherwise, why would she stalk someone she despises?

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    • I don't know. Why don't you just ask her? And word it like that. Ask them why they are so hung up on someone that is no longer in your life, largely as a result of their meddling. And make sure they know their behaviour isn't normal... or acceptable.

    • They refuse to accept any part in this or for that matter anything else, and they cannot take any kind of criticism. They'll call me ungrateful, pessimistic, Blablabla.. I'll just add more drama to my messed up life if I say anything.

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  • Dude your mom has some serious issues. I'm sure you respect your parents but hell its not their place to control your life or who you see. They have their life and I'm sure their parents don't tell them how to live or control who they have as friends. In all honesty I think I would have to tell her to mind her own Buisness , that the relationship is over so let it go and stop being a damn stalker

    • I did tell them that they can't control my life. And then they say that I, I, I am being disrespectful and I am talking back at them!! I mean wtf!!

      I think my dad's parents did tell him how to live and controlled him when he was younger.. I feel that's why he he's doing the same thing to me, and finds my rebelliousness disrespectful. I don't respect them anymore. I have lost all my respect for them after the way they have behaved with me.

      But I still don't understand why she still stalks my ex and her entire family?

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    • Yup, thanks for internet listening to my ranting! :P

    • No problem dude

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