Can We Start Over?

A little background: Her past rarely lets people get close to her both physically and emotionally. She has a body yet has an amazing amount of self-respect so she doesn't just get physical with any guy or sleep around. Anyway, she broke up with me in early May without reason, but the last thing she talked with me about was how dependant on me she felt (which she, from her tone, both liked and did not like). I was always loyal and never disrespected her, keep in mind. About a week after that, she hit me up again and we texted here and there about meeting up to talk but she flaked out so I took a month of silence to get my head together. She didn't contact me. In that time, I forgave her (internally) for what happened. So I stumbled upon a song that I knew she'd like so I sent it to her, just to kind of communicate "all is well", not really to hold any sort of approach. However, she immediately responded that she loved it and a few days later she asks me if I want to go to a concert with her, just us, "her treat", which I completely did not expect. I haven't seen her since the break up. I said I'd be down for that but am still keeping expectations low. A few hours after I agree to the concert, she suddenly sends nudes! This startled me because of how long it's been, how out of context it was, and how fidgety she was/is about showing her body to anyone, even when we were dating! The only odd thing is that this concert is in September and she's had yet to approach me about meeting up before then at all. It's been a week of casual texting once or twice a day since. I do want something to work out here. What should I do?
Can We Start Over?
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