Guys, how do you let her know?

Guys, how do you let a girl know you like her?

Do you put your arm around her?

Do you try to make her feel really special?


I know all guys do it differently, so how do you like to express it?


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  • Im a amateur magic so I use charm with flair. My last trick was to ask out my ex girlfriends. Her favorite color is blue and she loves roses. So I take a white roses and dye them to make it blue, Then I meet up with her one night. When I saw her I presented one single white rose (thus begun the trick). She was so excited. Then I covered the top rose and said "this rose is kinda pale. Let me brighten it a little. Think of any color you want and watch" . I moved my hand and the rose was now blue. Then I said, "amazing right?" She smiled. Then I asked her out. She said yes. I kissed her then I continued. I covered the rose again. I said "sorry but a girl of your beauty deserves more then just one rose. I move my hand and revealed a ten more roses. She was stunned.

    • That's amazing. I can see why she was impressed. That's so sweet!

    • Why thank you :-) Unfortunately the magic always dies for me..... hence "ex". My advice if a guy takes as much time on something small for you as I did on this, then he's worth it.

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