Why I can't move on? How can let him go?

It has been already 9 months almost a year since my boyfriend and I broke up, I started to date other guys but I still couldn't stop thinking about him, so I stopped, because I want a real relationship not a rebound. Summer is almost over, he is going to move schools. I don't have pictures of him, I deleted everything... but I still can't forget the moments we both spent together, it feels as if there is an empty space in my hear that is missing, I think about him everyday, and... I just can't believe we broke up... we both were serious... well... I think I was the only one... I just don't know how to get over him, I don't want to stop my life from going just because I can't let go of the past I had with him... I miss him and a small part of my heart still loves him and hopes to get back together... but my brain is telling me that I won't happen, we are done... please help...
Why I can't move on? How can let him go?
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