My boyfriend is becoming increasingly detached. Is this just him or is he getting ready to break up?

My boyfriend and I are both 17 and this is the first real relationship both of us have had. We have always moved slow and we are both shy. However, he has been acting more detached than usual. We recently had our spring break and both went out of town. He has never been one to talk on the phone, but usually we text each other, epically if we missed each other. So I texted him the first day telling him that I had arrived and he answered "good to know." Annoyed, I texted him 4 days later telling him that I missed him.He made some small talk but then he confessed he had a friend over and I told him that I wouldn't bother him. Then my friend took my phone and texted him to do a favor for her. He responded that he couldn't and basically ended the conversation right there. We have not talked since and tomorrow, I am returning to school. Once again, he has always been detached, but this seems weird, even for him. Am I being paranoid, or is this signs that he is no longer into the relationship?


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  • Heres the best advice for you: talk to him about it. So many girls don't understand that accusing their boyfriends or arguing with their boyfriends is not EVER the solution. That is the main reason why people break up. Ask him nicely, what's wrong? Tell me what's on your mind. Let him be honest with you, share with his girlfriend what he really feels. Acknowledge the things he says and don't fight with him or tell him that you disagree or that he's wrong because this isn't his opinion, these are his feelings. Let him talk, then you talk, tell him your problems, then find a way to make it work for both of you. Maybe he is losing interest: give him a reason to stay by being more than his girlfriend, but also his best friend. I really hope this information works for you.Good Luck!


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  • To me, it sounds like he's slowly drifting away until he practically won't be in the relationship.


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