My ex seems to despise me. How can I fix our current relationship?

My first girlfriend was one to remember - kind, sweet, lively and fun. But we ended ties three years ago due to our frequent arguments and disagreements with one another, that just drove us insane. I called her some terrible names, yelled at her for the dumbest things, and of course I regret all of it. Just recently I struck up conversation with her, because I wanted to befriend her once more, however she seems absolutely dull now, almost lifeless. I completely understand why, because of me. However, she still chose to talk to me over the phone for a good few hours. We left with a goodnight and everything, but she doesn't seem to want to talk with me at all. Is there any appropriate way I can get her back in my life, as a friend, and perhaps more? Can I get her to laugh with me again?


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  • If she's moved on it can be difficult to regain what you once had. You're currently old news to her so the only advice I can give would be to try and start things from a fresh perspective, treat her like you've just met her or give her a reason to see you as a different person, don't rely on past memories.. Try and create new memories with her... If you can do this she may start to view you for who you are now and not the person that it never worked out with a few years ago.


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  • Three years dude... move on.


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