Is remaining friends with my ex a good way of getting her back?

So, basically, my ex and I broke up a few months back now, however we've been in contact for the majority of time since. I've twice done 30 days no contact and both times she has contacted me again. Most recently she contacted me and we've been speaking pretty much every day since. We talk about everything and we're pretty open. She's told me she's actively dating and speaking to guys which obviously I'm not overly thrilled about but she's single right it's to be expected?

I've told her that I've got feelings for her and ultimately want more than just friendship, but I'm okay with being friends for now. When we talk she shows signs of jealousy when I say I've been out or if she see's a picture of me and another girl. She also contacts me when she's drunk and sends me mixed signals, even though she's told me we're only friends...

We broke up because I was a bit of a bum and had no ambition which was right I was in a slump, but now I'm piecing my life back together and genuinely feel we could give it another shot at some point. Do you think I should remain friendly with her with the hope that with enough time we can build something more than friendship? She blows hot and cold and sometimes will openly tell me she doesn't have feelings, but on the other hand when we talk late at night or when she's drunk she flirts and says things that would suggest otherwise. I think she's just scared of being hurt because she had a very long, intense relationship a couple of years back that didn't work out. Do you think we should remain friends and just hope that one day we can give things another shot?

Thank you :)
Is remaining friends with my ex a good way of getting her back?
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