Crying over my ex, need advice?

Ok so my ex and I broke up a few months ago after 11 years. And not to mention we have kids together. I fell in love with another man while we were still together (bad I know) but he was also distant and has cheated on me, our relationship wasn't the best but we loved each other and still do. Anyways even tho I'm in love with my new man I still find myself getting upset and crying over my ex sometimes. Especially after I found out he's doing all kinds of stuff with a new girl that he never put in time and effort to spend with me. Am I crazy for feeling this way, is it guilt, is cuz I obviously wasn't important enough to him anymore to spend time with, I honestly don't know but I don't wanna feel this way. I know im not in love with him at all obviously and dont want to get back together, it just wouldn't work out.
So please any advice will be helpful just hold up on the mean negative comments, I know I shouldn't have allowed myself to fall for another guy but it didn't get physical till after. And sometimes things just happen.
Crying over my ex, need advice?
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