Why doesn't my ex want to be my friend?

We were best friends for 2 years... we fell for eachother and all the feelings and happiness came so naural. Things ended on quite bad terms... He moved on whilst I tried to get over it knowing deep down we were still thinking of each other. 3 months later got talking again this time he didn't want a relationship (I give this guy massive anxiety) I have no idea why. So I decided to end it on that term because I didn't just want sex. I loved this guy, but I'd accept to be just friend so I didn't loose him completely, but he distanced himself and made no time to for a chat up. Anyway we'd booked to see a show together before it went sour and it was a lovely night straight away the connection was back and I knew he always wanted to kiss me and he even held my hand and bought matching tshirts. Now 3 months not seeing him he can't be my friend and he's quite nasty.. I want nothing more than his friendship and to chat sometimes... But he dosent.. Why? We were best mates
Why doesn't my ex want to be my friend?
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