Ex girlfriend has a crush on another guy. Advice please?

So we are in college and were together for 4 months. I had really bad insecurity issues and constantly picked fights with her over stupid things. Eventually she broke up with me because she couldn't take the fighting anymore. I realized my mistakes and felt like a douche for doing them. Anyways i made the next mistake by begging for her back for the next 2 months. She kept refusing to see me for any reason. It was her birthday 2 weeks ago and i bought her ~$400 worth of presents because her birthday was important to me. She called and left a voicemail to say thank you but still wouldn't see me in person. When she said that she still wouldn't see me i said i'd leave alone and wished her the best. I also got a blood test which showed that my nutrition was causing a lot of my anxiety which made me pick the fights, so if i started eating better then my anxiety would go away. i told her this and she didn't reply. Now she posted that she has a crush on a customer that comes into her work all the time. Is there anything i can do? Should i text her and maybe try to start up a friendly conversation? What do you think?
Ex girlfriend has a crush on another guy. Advice please?
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