Can someone please help me?

I'm so scared of being alone. I have no one in my life but my boyfriend who I've given so much of myself to over the past 2 years but I now realize he is likely not the right match for me. He is such a huge gamer and I am not at all. He stays up really late and goes out late and I find out on Facebook where he's been because he doesn't tell me. And I ask him and he gets quiet and irritated that I'm mad at him and doesn't realize that if you want intimacy, you need to include me in your life and not just compartmentalize me off to the side! I want to break up with him bc I don't think he's right for me, but I am so afraid of being alone and having no one at all and starting over with someone else. Someone please help me to be ok alone and to get through this.
Can someone please help me?
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