Can someone please help me?

I'm so scared of being alone. I have no one in my life but my boyfriend who I've given so much of myself to over the past 2 years but I now realize he is likely not the right match for me. He is such a huge gamer and I am not at all. He stays up really late and goes out late and I find out on Facebook where he's been because he doesn't tell me. And I ask him and he gets quiet and irritated that I'm mad at him and doesn't realize that if you want intimacy, you need to include me in your life and not just compartmentalize me off to the side! I want to break up with him bc I don't think he's right for me, but I am so afraid of being alone and having no one at all and starting over with someone else. Someone please help me to be ok alone and to get through this.


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  • Hey yea you gotta break up with him, he will not change and sounds like he has become comfortable, i feel for you but ill tell you this i get it i would be scared to, but once your single again you will have a new life to start and do with how you please dont let him hold you back and dont let thoughts of being alone hold you back from living the life you want to live..

    • Thank you for your response, you're absolutely right. I need to move on and start fresh.

    • Hey no prob! Get excited about what you wanna do!!!

  • Let me be honest here, you are right if you already know that things are not going in the right direction and the fact that you have tried for 2 years and it's not working out, so yes you are right you should break up with him and you know that so just put in action.

    I can understand you are afraid of being alone but let me tell you logically speaking it is always much better to be alone/single instead of being in a wrong relationship or being in a relationship for the sake of it. It's much better to face the consequences of being alone instead of being in a relationship that you know will eventually fade away or die with time. It is much better to be alone instead of changing, compromising yourself to be in a relationship.

    You are delaying your break up just because you don't want to be alone is definitely not the right away of going about things, it's not the right attitude.

    I hope you got my point?

    • Thank you for taking the time to respond. You are right. I will end things and move forward.

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