Guys, Am I cursed when it comes to men? How can it be broken?

I'm almost 30 and I've been in three relationships. At some point during each relationship, the guys always end things. The second guy never even told me why. He just stopped talking to me. My ex boyfriend broke up with me a week ago after a year of dating. However, he was the only one who said that he wants to be friends. The first two guys both came back to me about six months after they ended things, asking for second chances, which I did not grant. This is not meant to come across as arrogant, but I've always been called beautiful with the matching personality. I'm ambitious, affectionate, confident yet humble, I cook and bake for my loved ones and my guys have never complained about bedroom activities. I'm also a spontaneous and active person. I have male friends -married and single- who say that men would be lucky to have me because I'm a decent human being. I'm only trying to tell you more about myself. The weird thing is that they all have different personalities and interests. I just don't understand why these men always break up with me. Please help. Thanks in advance.


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  • Is there something about your dreams and aspirations that clash with these guys? Are you in any way playing wedding bells in the back ground scaring them away?

    • I wasn't sure that I wanted to be married until about a month ago. We're all settled as far as dreams are concerned; ie, done with university and have our respective careers.

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    • That is true. In all honesty I don't see a future girlfriend being ok with him hanging out with a past girlfriend

    • Thank you

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  • they break up with you probably because you dont initiate sexual things or show them affection (love) and perhaps you dont let them know what you want, or they are player jerks

    • I'm never short on affection or spontaneity and I ask them what they want, so that they can be aware of what I want. They're only jerks once they've ended things lol

    • dont only ask them, you have to tell them what you desire too.

  • stop dating one person at a ttme

    • I'm not sure I know how to do that, without being called "bad". It's different when you're from a small place.

    • if u date one at a time ul waste your life. times ticking

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