What can we do to let you know we like you?

What can a girl do to show a guy she likes him without being too obvious? I've read on here that sometimes guys can be really clueless and won't get the picture unless you flat out tell them, but I'm too shy to do that, so what else can I do? We're not quite friends yet, more like acquaintances. We talk a lot in class though (he sits right in front of me in one of my classes). What kind of stuff can I say to sort of hint that I'm interested?


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  • Try flirting with him, its fun, you flatter him and get some practice in. If he feels the same way he will flirt with you. Try creating sexual tension, imply the possiblity of a relatonship etc give him time to think about it. Try using body language if you don't want to say it verbally

    Some things to try here good summary.. link


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  • Well, looking them in the eye and smiling... frequent touching during conversation.

    But ask yourself this: if you don't have the guts to be straight with a guy and tell him you like him, why should a guy do the same for you? What's that, you say? You're shy? Afraid of rejection? Don't want to embarrass yourself?

    It's exactly the same for guys. If you're not interested enough to take the plunge, maybe he's not either.

    • Haha that's a good point...is it true that sometimes a guy gains interest in a girl after she tells him she likes him, even if he didn't before?

    • Sure. If he didn't really notice the girl before, or didn't think of her "that way", then if she tell him, he may start wondering if she's a possibility. Not always, of course, but there's only one way to find out.

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  • ive had the same problem many times... most of the times the guys are like cluless about it and I do just have to suck it up and plain out tell them its hard..but it gets it out there..


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