A relationship over because of race. read then speak what you think?

where to start... A girl who has never dated any other race except her own meets someone thats a different race and really ends up liking this person. So they end up dating, Things get more serious & people start falling in love, But there's one problem.. Her parents!!! well her mom. her mom was perfectly fine with it as long she was treated rite, But her dad and some family members is were things got real difficult. so the date has to meet the parents of course.. meets mom but dad hmmmm wheres dad? locking himself in his bed room because he does not want to meet the person his daughter loves 3x in three different months. He did not speak to her or acknowledge her for nine months. his words "they are all the same" "violent" "worhtless".. Except the one she loves has no criminal record once so ever goes to school (getting a bachelors degree in computer science) and works full time. this person treats his daughter with so much respect, and like she's the only girl in this world. So basically it got the point were her dad is going to divorce her mom over it. So they have no choice but to put things to an end.

so many colors in this world but things are viewed in black & white
didn't know we were still in the stone ages.

P. S sorry about the grammer


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  • It's a complicated scenario, but in my opinion, if someone is so ignorant that they are going to shatter their own family unit for the sake of controlling somebody else's life and ideals, then perhaps it's for the better.


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  • What do you think should happen in this scenario?


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