Wether or not to message a girl who's already said we should stop seeing each other?

I was talking to this girl for 7 months and we'd seen each other 5 times over the last 3 months of that, first of all is that enough time to justify being upset about someone? Because it hit me really hard when she said she couldn't see it working. The main question though is wether or not I should message her again, she said she wanted to stay as friends and I do have something to tell her, it's not just random, but I don't know if it's right to message because I still like her a lot so I know I'd be hoping that maybe she's still interested. Would it be unfair on her if she's already said we should end things?


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  • Let her be, chasing her would guarantee future rejection, even lower her interest more.
    Leave her alone completely, down the line, who knows she might even reach out to you

  • i dont think she will be interested if she said she wanted to stay friends. i personally would not message her, but this is your decision not mine.


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