What should I do after this? How do I leave?

my boyfriend and me were together for 7 months. Lots of memories and things just started to go down hill. he separated himself from me. I got depressed. a lot. so he finally ended things and broke up with me almost a month ago. we still kept each other for support after that but he wanted friends with benefits. I tried and I couldn't take it. I want him back. he doesn't want to be with me again. but if I tell him that we need to move on he gets moody. he says " well I can replace you easily" comparing that I was a terrible girlfriend. I wasn't! besides the point I can't take it anymore I want to leave. how can I? I stayed around after the break up and now he is going to think he can keep hurting me. I just want all the hurt to stop hurting... what can I do?
please I do not know what to do and I miss him but I know I can't keep staying around


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What Guys Said 1

  • 1. Block him on all social media.
    2. Delete every convo, every picture.
    3. Wait 24 hours.
    4. Go find a less immature guy.
    5. Enjoy!


What Girls Said 2

  • Talk with him first and explain to him that you want this thing between you two to stop and if he keeps bugging you then stop going out with him, don't answer his calls or texts. Ignore him and after some time he'll probably give up. And if not tell him that you will ask for a help from your parents/friends

  • Find someone else


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