What should I do after this? How do I leave?

my boyfriend and me were together for 7 months. Lots of memories and things just started to go down hill. he separated himself from me. I got depressed. a lot. so he finally ended things and broke up with me almost a month ago. we still kept each other for support after that but he wanted friends with benefits. I tried and I couldn't take it. I want him back. he doesn't want to be with me again. but if I tell him that we need to move on he gets moody. he says " well I can replace you easily" comparing that I was a terrible girlfriend. I wasn't! besides the point I can't take it anymore I want to leave. how can I? I stayed around after the break up and now he is going to think he can keep hurting me. I just want all the hurt to stop hurting... what can I do?
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please I do not know what to do and I miss him but I know I can't keep staying around
What should I do after this? How do I leave?
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