Boyfriend and I broke up but he wants to keep hooking up. Is it possible for this to go back to us dating? How can I help it get back there?

We were pretty serious - I've met his family and a lot of his friends and he said he loved me pretty quickly. We became more distant over the past month and just broke up a week ago, debated getting back together for a couple days, and then decided against it because he said he thinks my heart is into it more than his is so he wasn't going to put in the same effort. He wants to keep hooking up though. Is there any way to get this back to a relationship from here?
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What Guys Said 1

  • It seemed serious but I think he had only been using you from the very beginning to get to this point. Because when you only hooking up now, he can just look for other hook ups and see other people without worry or guilt that he would be cheating on you. If he said or had "claimed" that he loves you, then it's only for what you can provide him and give him that he loves you for. Because someone had once said "why buy a cow when you can get milk for free".

    It sounded like he has major commitment issues or maybe he had realized he'd be more happier and having more fun by hooking up with as many people as possible instead of being in a committed relationship with someone.


What Girls Said 1

  • Wel first you really shouldn't just continue sleeping with him. It sounds like he just wants to screw around with you while he sees other girls. All it's going to amount with for you is more heartbreak. I would talk to him about your desire to get back together. Ask him if he sees himself contributing more into the relationship anytime in the future.


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