Interpreting a text from Ex GF?

My girlfriend and I separated a couple of months ago after 4 years together. No contact during time apart whatsoever, although she wanted to remain friends and in contact but I declined politely for my own self-preservation. I still love her.

Today I had to text her because I realised that she still had a couple of spare keys that belonged to me. She replied politely and asked if I was ok and said she would return the keys to me. She also said this in her text, referring to the keys... 'I have been looking after them'

At first I didn't think anything of it but then I wondered why she had been looking after the keys when she could have just sent them back to me months ago. Was she hoping that she didn't have to eventually return them or am I just reading something into the text that does not exist?

Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks


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  • Unfortunately it's very possible your wanting to read into something that's not there. It's possible she was just meaning that hey its all good the keys are with me and in good condition... being nice definitly and that's always a good thing between ex's

  • I think she refers to the keys as a small reminder of you and was hoping you would contact her to get the keys. There is a chance that she misses you but I'm not sure.


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