Is it going to happen, or should I let it go?

I've been friends with this guy for most of my life. He's 2 years older then me and we both go to different high schools. Our parents are close so we end up taking vacations together but other than that we don't see each other often because of our activities and homework.

But when we are together, we spend hours talking and doing the most pointless things yet we have a ton of fun. We're comfortable around each other. He's not really the 'texting' type but in the event that he sees me in public, he pushes through crowds of people just to say hi. And we have more fun when we're together...but he's going to be going to college in a little while. So I'm wondering if I should tell him how I feel or if he even likes me. He's called me beautiful before and we don't have to talk and (as cliche as it is) feel like we've just had the best conversation. He's become fairly protective over me and asks about whether or not I have a boyfriend.

So should go for it even if he is going to be gone soon, or just keep the friendship?


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  • I honestly doubt it he's older and looking for something else


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