Why would he contact me after break up and then not respond?

I liked someone, who i had a professional relationship with i had to be away from them because i felt they were abusing me and wanted control... and i said i was out and they emailed me 2 weeks later to check on me apparently, and i wrote a long page email about how i felt bad and why i left and wanted to get things off my chest and then he didn't respond. When he contacted me and i was ready to leve it at me walking away. I feel like a idiot. I feel unfinished,


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What Guys Said 1

  • Let it go.

    • I a being very vague about the situation maybe you misunderstoood my question but I just want to know why? I dont understand men

    • What I mean was.. you got it off your chest and now just let it go. You probably won't get the same in return as in a response. Just saying.

What Girls Said 1

  • I think the important part is that you got everything off your chest. Not replying is not about you it is about him. I think you would like an answer because you are hoping for some validation, but if you think you did the right thing for yourself that is validation enough. Just walk away, give it a bit of time, and you will see that the idiot is not you, but they.


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