Should I report my ex to the police?

Hey everyone! I'd really like to receive your opinion on this matter.

So my ex and I broke up 3 years ago (we both agreed to that decision). After the break, he wanted to keep having contact with me, and I agreed because I was scared of him. He had been in fights, and is a security guard with lots of muscles. He even has a picture framed of him holding a knife.
It was a big mistake, remaining contact, because half a year later, he wanted to see me again, so I went to his mothers house. I didn't want to have sex with him, but he somehow forced me into it. I felt really disgusting, but didn't report him to the police. I talked about this to my parents about... half a year later, because I was embarrassed and didn't want to think about it. He contacted me again 2 months later, but I said that I would stop talking to him due to what happened. I changed my number.

The thing is... after what happened he can't seem to get me out of his head. He still tries to contact me. At first it was about 5 months apart, but now it's more frequent. I received a message on Facebook that he wants to have contact, and asks me if I'm open to that. He also says he's sorry about what happened. I never replied.

He is now sending my family friend requests on Facebook and about 2 weeks ago, even called my parents' house, to ask if I was home. A week ago, I received a message through Skype, where he said he talked to my mother and that he demands talking to me, because he's "sorry". He says we don't need to dwell on the past and need to let things go.

I'm really uncomfortable with him trying to keep in touch, but don't know whether replying to him is the best thing to do. I mean, if he wants contact, and I reply, there he has his contact with me? I can't go on with my life, and I can't enjoy my relationship right now. Every time he contacts me, I am getting a panic attack. Luckily he doesn't know where I live, but I'm afraid he might come to my parents house.

What should I do?
Should I report my ex to the police?
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