Is she breaking up with me for good?

I've been very stress and haven't saw her for 3 weeks, she text me and said she miss me and wants to see me. I told her I can't juggle anything other than work at the moment as I feel a lot of pressure to deliver a perfect job to build my career for stable income. I said to her I just don't know how I can juggle while this project is on in this month.

Took her 4 days to reply which is out of her character, she wrote back saying she understands and that I can make it up to her later.

I didn't respond for a week as I'm really stressed. She sent me a text saying it's obvious that I don't have time for this, she said she has to keep living her life and that she wish she will still be single when I'm ready.

Is she playing me?


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  • How is she playing you? sounds like you are the one who is stringing her along...

    You said you can't focus on her, why does it bother you if she is breaking up with you for good or not?

    • She is sending me mix message, wanting to live her life and saying hope she will still be single when I'm ready. WTF

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    • @gnana I think the asker is just after an ego stroke, if he cares about her he could have make time to see her. instead of telling her he cna't see her for over a month, after being dumped he is asking strangers for advise. He should be banging at her doors now if he really wants her.

    • You have no idea what I'm going through, stop judging me if you are not helping

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  • She sounds stressed out. I supposed she been waiting for your reply but since you took a week to reply back she got mad at you for it. Maybe the reason she didn't reply how she usually does it cause whatever happen between you two.

  • No. She is not playing you. She says she wants to move on, because she thinks you don't have time for her. However, she is not playing you, she just doesn't want to waste any time.

    • I feel played because of the mix signal... she said she wish she will still be single when I'm ready. sounds like she wants me but not really...

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    • Oh well the asker can probably learn to be more empathetic and respectful from now.

    • @Ishtar Yes! Every experience is a lesson :)

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  • The thing you need on this planet is a pathetic girlfriend who is not understanding at all...
    I mean unless and until you have Been ignoring her for a month i can understand but if she is gonaa be a bitch then fuck her
    I would say that's a good riddance from her. !

    • You are saying she needs to be a doormat to put up with him not seeing her for 3 weeks then say he can't see her for another month?

      Let's not over look that he admired he ignored her text for awhile as well.

      You are one real classy man here.

    • @Ishtar oh come on.. Sometimes work can be a big deal and can keep you super busy... And can require full time from the person!!!

      Although I do agree that he should see her a little... And make time for her too...
      But it's just the master of few days

    • He could at least make time to see her once a week. And also text shouldn't be that hard. What kind of guy would ignore a girl for a week when she was being supportive.

      You are on his side I guess he will give you best answer for sure. Good job.

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