Is she breaking up with me for good?

I've been very stress and haven't saw her for 3 weeks, she text me and said she miss me and wants to see me. I told her I can't juggle anything other than work at the moment as I feel a lot of pressure to deliver a perfect job to build my career for stable income. I said to her I just don't know how I can juggle while this project is on in this month.

Took her 4 days to reply which is out of her character, she wrote back saying she understands and that I can make it up to her later.

I didn't respond for a week as I'm really stressed. She sent me a text saying it's obvious that I don't have time for this, she said she has to keep living her life and that she wish she will still be single when I'm ready.

Is she playing me?
Is she breaking up with me for good?
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