My husband got caught snap chatting a girl that he knows I don't trust or like. He had been deleting his friends list so I wouldn't see he was mess?

Messaging her. She is his best friends much younger girlfriend. She is a very big flirt. He knows how I feel about her. He has deleted snapchat and was very understanding about the way I felt about it. He really seems to be trying to change. I also went through his email and found one from ultra hookup that he needed to reply to set his account up. He swarms he didn't set this up but I KNOW he did. He hasn't physically cheated but I am a mess. I don't trust him on his phone at all! I really don't think any of this is going on anymore but I can't get over it. My self esteem is shot. I feel ugly and fat. I've been very clingy and it seems like nothing he does is right. Please help me!!!


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  • Wait a minute, "He really seems to be trying to change". Change from what? Being with many women? Cheating? By the way, men like younger and hotter women. Are you satisfying with sex and in shape? Do you communicate with him?

    • He has been very understanding and is trying. I have all of his passwords etc. he hasn't phisically cheated and says their snaps were innocent. He has been great since I confronted it but I just can't seem to let it go. Sex is good. No, I'm not in the best shape. We have 2 kids. But that still doesn't mean it's ok to those things.

    • Well, the moment sex lacks or the pounds start packing he will lose interest. Think about what would happen if he wasn't caught. He didn't physically cheat but if the opportunity arises, would be? This sounds like he was s cheater or player of some sort in the past. The snaps were innocent? LOL. Obviously it wasn't because he deleted the app and removed things then it wasn't. If you are in good shape, like wedding day shape or better and make him happy I don't see why he is doing that. Let me give you an analogy. You get hungry at one point in the day. So you go to the fridge to find it that there isn't food left. Are you going to starve? No. You go out to buy groceries or eat out at some restaurant. Let's say the food is ok, you will eat it but may go out and look for better food. It's the same thing. Something isn't right. I think you should communicate. Don't nag. That never helps. Just communicate and see where too from there.

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  • If I started to feel I couldn't trust a guy then I'd end the relationship , regardless if I still loved him or not.

    . Trust your intict. I'd trust my intution over anyone's reasons or excuses. He's obviously lying, and a guy who lies to you doesn't respect you. People lie because they think you are too foolish to see through their deceit.


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  • Well there's obviously a lack of trust and a relationship without it can't work. so either you do something to fix it or break it off.


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  • In the same boat hun. All you can do is talk it out and come with compromises


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