Does severing all communication with your ex boyfriend really get him to call you eventually?

I mean not calling him at all. We just broke up 2 days ago. He didn't leave because of another girl, so that one's out of the picture.

Opinions please and if they did call you back, how long did it take them. I know men think differently than women during a breakup.


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  • Depends on how much he valued the relationship.

    The no contact rule is a great tool in the beginning of a break up. It gives the dumper a chance to have that "break or space" they have been craving and it gives the dumpee the time to reflect on themselves and how to pick themselves up on their own without relying on anyone else but their friends and family.

    You are right men do think differently than us. So while we try to contact them to search for answers they need to miss us. It's human nature to want something you can't have this is especially true when it comes to men. So disappear, do what you need to do to get over the guy and let him wonder about you. If you contact him he will know he is still on your mind. Men don't like to show emotions so they push it aside until one day their curiosity may get them break and eventually call. Just remember this; "he who cares less controls the relationship".

    For whatever reason why you two broke up please stick to the no contact rule. I you will see with time that if he does call that he cares maybe not enough to come back but just to ensure you two still have a good connection that can make a good friend or you see that he never calls because he didn't value the relationship as you did and you don't want to be with a guy like that.

    Be strong and confident, nothing is sexier than that. Go out be seen and heard look your best and let him hear about indirectly from someones else. That's the worst feeling to hear that an ex you dumped is doin fine without you and you haven't heard from them.

    Plus, if you do contact him you run the risk of him using you for emotional support so he can move on or him using you as a sex with an ex, again only benefiting him. Either way contacting him will leave you with reactions that you may not want or make you feel worse than you already do. Being friends with him won't work either if that is what your thinking. You don't want to be his friend and if you do. You can't not until all feelings for him to be with your are gone.

    Good luck to you.

    • Thanks for that great answer. Yeah I think men push the emotions aside for awile and try and keep busy, then later on they suddenly realize what's happened. thanks a bunch and don't worry I won't contact him.

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    • Well I agree with your statement with "men" but right now I'm going through a break up where SHE is the one that stopped all contact with me and left me with a ?. I feel as women can do this as well but having to think that I have to drop off the face of the earth for her to realize what she missed out on.

    • Wow. Thanks alot. My ex broke up with me 2 months ago and I had the same question. It was because he wanted to do his own thing and even though he didn't tell me this I know it was becasue of another girl and/or girls. I know our relationship was real at one point but for some reason he started pushing me away. Its been very hard for me not to contact him but so far so good and I'm hoping that as time goes by he will see he let go of a good thing, miss me and come back around.

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  • well if it was me I wouldn't want to contact my ex again, but that said he may be thinking the same thing, I say give it a couple of months and if you want a freindship then sent him a txt asking how he is and build it from there

  • He may or he may not depending on what type of person he is if he is the type that can move on quick then he will just move on but if he is stuck on you and takes him a long time to get over someone then he might call you back because he can't fight the breakup hangover. Just because you cut off all communication doesn't mean he will call you that doesn't work with all guys also depends on how you guys broke up also if it was a bad breakup or good terms. You shouldn't wait for his phone calls its only been 2 days and you are waiting for him to call after a breakup lol right now you should be finding a way to get over him not wait for his call. Good luck


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  • how do you know he didn't leve for another girl?


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