Why can't I give her up?

Is it because my love of her is greater than the love of myself.
Shit has happened , serious shit , I don't want to go into specifics , but now I feel guilty for bringing it up, but I know it's not right. She say she is working on stuff do I wait or do I say good luck with that and move on?

She breaks up with me and gets super depressed when I talk to her about stuff, like hey I don't feel comfortable with you doing this. Breaks up with me. Hey this happened can we talk about it? I'm upset , can we talk about it? Breaks up with me says she needs time alone, I've never degraded her , called her names cussed her out , I'm lost


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  • I think it's because you are selfish, I mean selfish in a good way and I think love love does make you selfish to some extent and it's not wrong also.

    You can't give her up because you are still selfish in your love for her, you can't give her up because you still want to be with her but you won't go to any extent to achieve that.


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  • Your in love


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  • Is it because my love of her is greater than the love of myself. < THIS, you dont know how much i fucked it all up for this reason. you gotta love yourself first man

    i dont know what happend but you should do some work on yourself as well man. then try to hit her up and see what she wants to do

    • This sounds pretty decent right here mate

    • Agreed! You need to work on your love for yourself. After all "you" was what she fell in love with in the first place.

    • @NanaXXXX that's exactly what i mean :)

  • Because you love her


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