Am I doing something wrong?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago, and I haven't talked to him for about a month cause of his new girlfriend, was it wrong to text him just to see how he is doing?


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  • nothing is wrong with asking how he is. but I would leave it at that. if he isn't responding , likely he's moved on. Even if you want to be his friend, he's got a new girl in his life. Just keep contact to minimal or none at all.


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  • There is nothing wrong with that, he just might not want to talk to you, and if he doesn't then you should accept that. However, he might be able to be somewhat friends with you at this point, and there is no harm in finding out eh?

    • Thank you .. your right the worse thing that can happen is he doesn't talk to me .

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  • to be honest, if he dumpes you like happened to me!.. why you should be asking him how he is? let him look for you, your the one hurt.. get me?

    • Yeah.. I do understand, that too is a valid point and makes a lot of sense. you think it makes me seem needy and that I miss him?

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    • Will do.. will try .. I'm doing my best and so far so good. except the text slip hence the question but he didn't reply so I got my answer already. and as much as it hurts I have come to terms with it

    • Trust me.. the less you contact the better for you TRUST ME!!!

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