Is this some kind of game or is this for real? HELP?

My girlfriend broke up with me after an argument over text. The laet message she sent was that she was also cheating on me with the guy from work that she knows i hate. She then blocks me and ignores all text and calls. She blocked me on fb and her profile is pvt. I went to check her profile and saw that her profile pic was with some dude. They arnt kissing or anything they arnt even that close to eachother like you could of fit another person in between them. so is she doing this to make me jealous and want her back bad or is this just the real deal and she just wants me to move on. I think im denial injust want her back or just to talk to me at least and explain.


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  • Either way do you want to date her? Either cheating and manipulative or lying and trying to make you jealous?

  • She could also be trying to make it easier for herself to break up with you. Maybe she doesn't have the courage to stay away, so she'll make sure that you do.


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