What should I do if the guy I want to be with tells me I should take a break?

we were dating for a month then suddenly he says we need a break. that I need to relax. why? I need help. we were just talking just a few days before and now suddenly he's being an asshole.

i don't want to let him go.
now I find out he blocked me on Facebook. why? I haven't talked to him since he said he wanted a break.


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  • I know it sucks, really! I've been there. :( If he wants space, I'd say give him all the space in the world he wants. Get busy with your friends, new activities, get your hair done, etc. I'm not saying to play games, but since he wants a break, I'd say definitely make yourself much less available to him.

  • He's feeling too much pressure for whatever reason. Forget about him.


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