How do I ask my ex boyfriend on a meet up after already meeting up to return belongings?

so my ex boyfriend broke up with me six months ago. was a very happy relationship and we had a lot of fun but we had quite a few arguments towards the end. When he broke up he told me he still loved me and wanted to be with me. He said there might be another chance in the future. it could have been his parents decision to make him break up with me because we were having a lot of arguments. Soon after that he began flirting and talking loads to my best friend in front of me. When we were going out I told him that my previous ex boyfriend did the same thing and flirted with my best friend after we broke up. And then when my recent ex boyfriend broke up he did the exact same thing with the same person and he knew my other ex did the same. I think it was to make me jealous. We didn't talk for about five months and I unfriended him on Facebook for peace of mind. But then recently I texted him happy birthday and broke no contact. He replied saying thank you and asking who it was because he obviously deleted my number. I told him and said I hoped he'd had a nice day. He didn't reply. A week later I messaged him saying I'd like to meet up to give his stuff that he left back otherwise I'd drop it off round his house. He replied straight away asking where to meet and when. So we arranged it. He was giving very short answers. I don't think he wanted his stuff back because it wasn't expensive stuff and he hadn't asked for it back anyway. So I met up with him today and it was awkward. I gave the stuff back and he asked what I'd been upto. I told him and asked what he'd been doing. He said he hadn't done anything. I was planning on telling him how I felt but I got too scared. So then he said "shall I let you get on then?" And I said yeah ok so we said bye and he waved. So he seemed quite friendly. I really want to send him another text asking if we can meet up again as I was quite nervous today. What should I say? And do you think he does seem to care? Opinions please :)
How do I ask my ex boyfriend on a meet up after already meeting up to return belongings?
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