What is our chance of getting back together?

My boyfriend lost his job a month ago. We have been long distance dating for 15 months. talked about children and marriage, met all our friends and families, have spent months and weeks together, and have visited each other in our respective locations. No problems or issues to this point. 2.5 Months ago he asked me to move to his country to be closer to him and I am able to move around in my job so it wasn't a problem. On the day I move to his country a month after losing his job he thinks we need to break up so he can consider his life and figure it out alone. Says he still loves me but isn't sure if it's the same way. He wants me to give him time. He is also considering seeking help from a therapist as he says he feels lost. He was much more upset then I was when we talked he was crying, saying this was the hardest breakup he's had and this is the only one where he initiated it. I tried to move to the town I was going to move to but it has been to difficult and I gave up the position and am considering other locations. We broke up on Monday. I left his place on Tuesday and talked back and forth about things I needed translating, and how he feels he may have made a mistake but he isn't sure. I stopped talking to him on Friday morning. No communication since. We had two weddings to attend together for his friends that he asked me to get dresses for just before I went home and bought and then he broke up with me the week and two weeks before the weddings so I am no longer attending. I feel very hurt that at the first bump in the road he is throwing in the towel but I also know he is having a really hard time. When he was breaking up with me he said I know I may regret this decision in a month or two but then I will have to deal with the consequences. Is he just saying that to make me feel better? I guess my question is should I wait or should I just move on.
A couple weeks after he decided he made a huge mistake and wanted us to try again because he missed me and what we had. We've been trying since to make it work and have seen each other a few times since. Things are amazing in person while apart a lot harder than before because there seems to be less affection. He talks about the future with me and says I'm his girlfriend but it feels like the love hasn't come back. He still hasn't said "I love you" again before he said it all the time.


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  • What are you? 12?
    My girl did the same shit to me, hard times tend to do that to people... he shouldn't have like you said, thrown in the towel... obviously you wanted to be there for him... and he won't give you the chance.
    Whats to say that the next obstacle, he doesn't run again?
    my girl did that shit to me when she lost her job... ignored me for a full week (lives right around the corner)... then came up to me, explained things face to face and apologized (she never apologizes, more than most women). So i was forgiving...

    Its been two weeks. And i ain't contacting her back.
    Take my example... Leave now... or you are gonna get left.


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  • I don't think you should put your life on hold for someone / anyone of that matter. He is uncertain and you don't want that. You deserve a guy who knows and is assured that he wants you in his life. I know you probably love him loads but you can pause your life until he is ready. You don't want a day to come where, you will blame him for taking too long to make up his mind and in the end choose himself. There just isn't any gaurantee.

    I say, keep doing you. You're doing well in your career, if he is meant for you, he will find a way back in your life.


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  • Move on.


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  • I think he broke up with you out of sadness and desperation. Most men can't even begin to think about settling down until their financial situation is where they want it to be. I think it doesn't hurt to wait for him. He didn't break up with you because he doesn't want you anymore, he did it because he feels overwhelmed.


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