Tiger Woods and Jesse James?

Does anyone else think that if these guys cheated with one girl they might be able to patch things up. But once all these other girls came forward I feel like their wives are just being embarrassed now. and if either of them go back they just look like jokes

Do you think being in the public spotlight could change either of these women's decisions?


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  • Nope. I can't forgive a guy who cheats on me. If he cheats, then that's it.

    • What if you were married with kids?

  • Personally, once trust is broken in a relationship then I am done. Trust is very very important to me and when my trust is betrayed, I simply cannot forget. I have made the erroneous decision to "forgive" a transgression in a past relationship and he continued to cheat on me. This experience scarred and devastated me to this day because I loved that person. I simply do not understand how one selfish action and decision can be made by someone when that person is in a relationship with someone else. I know people will make mistakes or a gross error in judgment and I acknowledge that. However, I feel that when I give my whole heart to someone that it is a gift. To me, that is a privilege that I just don't give to anyone.

    I am not in either of these ladies' positions so I cannot speak for them. If I was married to one of these guys, he would be served with divorce papers the next day.

    • I don't think the public spotlight will influence their decisions. This evening, the media announced that Sandra Bullock is divorcng Jesse James. If I saw Sandra, I would gve her a hug and a high five!

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    • I disagree. He cheated with 7 women and probably more. That is disgusting and I don't think she can honestly get past it. The trust is gone.

    • Yea you're right that is disgusting.

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