If family are involved in a breakup, is it fixable?

I was seeing a guy for 7 months and my family didn't agree with the way he was treating me. (Near the end, we barely seen each other except for sex) They thought I deserved better and decided to message him on Facebook and tell him leave me alone. (They - my cousin and my mum) He then sent me a message telling me it would be best to leave me alone and when I realised how bad the treated me then it would be time to talk then. Is this fixable or has my family ruined it for good?


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  • What exactly was the nature of relationship between you two? why did your family think he didn't treat your well.

    • Him and I were seeing each other for 7 months. A few month in and we decided to be on an official relationship and he said I love you. Things were OK for about a month and he started to panic so I suggested taking the relationship label off snd slowing things down. That seemed to really help. Unfortunately though over the last month or two, we were only meeting up once or twice a month and having sex. My family found out and though I deserved better. I told them I would sort it and they decided to go ahead "incase I didn't" He was also taking ages to reply to messages and not return my calls. He does drink quite a bit and knows this is ruining his life but as yet has done nothing about it. When I say family, I mean my cousin and my mum. He is 31 and I'm 26.

  • How bad they treated him or he treated you?

    • Basically we were Friends with benefits. My family Didn't like it so they told him.

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    • They thought he wasn't good enough for me and decided to take matters into their own hands much to my annoyance. We were seeing each other for 7 months and I'm worried that with my family in lived, our relationship may be beyond repair now.

    • do they live with you or you with them? I think the best thing to do is have a conversation with them. IF you are a sound minded adult, then it is your life not theirs. They need to understand who is in control of your life. That includes the consequences and mistakes.
      That said, if they are your support network.. then they have a right to express opinions to you and challenge because we don't always know what is best for us and helps to have some friends, cousnelor, etc.. to guide. our emotions are terrible guides.

      Talking is the only solution, but no-one wants to step into a hornets nest... makes for a very difficult "Thanksgiving" and Christmas, etc..

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  • But he agreed to leave you alone. But more is there to say?

    • He said to my mum he wanted to make it up to me and would have a serious think about us being together and get back to me

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