He still has my things, & doesn't want to give them back?

my boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago & recently texted me about giving me my stuff back.

He said "so, does this mean I give you your stuff back?" (& since he asked it like that it confused me, cause HE dumped ME)

& I replied "yeah, I guess. there's no point in keeping them & I don't want them thrown away"

& he replied "I'm not gonna throw anything away"

and I said "well..there's still no point in keeping them"

and he says "is it bad that I want to remember you?"

I also told him it's a bad thing to keep around your ex girlfriend's stuff in case he gets a new girlfriend. she wouldn't like that very much. He said he's staying single.

So now I'm wondering if he's starting to regret breaking up with me or he's just scared & doesn't want to face me in person. I don't want my stuff thrown into some garbage if he's just scared of any confrontation.

What do you think?


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  • i have same thing my bf broke up with me (2nd time 1st he came back saying he was scared of breaking his heart), i still have his stuff but he doesn't want to come get them he just brushes off when i ask, he says he wants to be friends but it would be hard atm he still misses me

    now i have stopped texing him to show him just how much he will miss me (as he said he missed me when we were still talking everyday). He obviously isn't over me and says he has no plans on dating anyone for a very long time. it seems that both yours and mine are not over us, but seem unwilling to face that atm


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  • tell him he needs to give them back or there could be legal issues.

  • this one's a toughie

    you know by this that he still not over you.

    he is possibly thinking of getting back with you.

    he probably just need a break; some time off

    • I was thinking the same thing, maybe he doesn't want me to know that he's regretting & time off to think is good, thnx (:

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