Girl left to date or fool around with one of the bartenders from her work?

first meet her around June and we had been somewhat dating ever since although not in an official relationship we saw a lot of each other this summer. I though she was a bit out of my league when we first meet but she seemed to like me anyways.
a couple weeks ago things seemed to go through a bit of a rough patch and she got annoyed at me for several reasons , one she felt I had been to her work too often to see her ( she works at a busy restaurant I have been going to for a couple years ) , there was some jealous among her co-workers that I liked her since I had also meet some of them over the years , and one of the hostess accused me of checking her out which maybe I did but it was rather harmless and not like I wanted anything more. so the last week we sort of drifted apart and then other night I ran into her at a bar we both go to and she was with one of the bartenders from her work and it appeared they were now an item. she made sure that I saw them together on the patio and dance floor.

I was pretty upset to see this and oddly when I saw her near the end of the night I got the feeling she picked up on that and maybe realised that I did really have feelings for her. I'm not sure if she did the whole thing to make me jealous or cause she actually does like him? she didn't appear to go home with him though , saw her leave in a car with some gf's from work but would of be headed to staff housing and he might of been there , I really couldn't even deal with the though of them sleeping together at this point
Girl left to date or fool around with one of the bartenders from her work?
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