Which guy is better for me?

Okay, from these two lists of cute/funny things that these guys have done to/with me, which one is better for me? (neither is my boyfriend, and I don't think either likes me)

Guy #1:

- He told me to jump up and down after overhearing a conversation I had with my friends about our boobs.

- He told me I looked really nice before a jazz concert.

- He tried to convince me I was going to win a solo award at a huge jazz festival.

- He held my trumpet for me without me asking when I couldn't hold everything.

- He caught my eye at a rock concert when someone was playing "I will follow you into the dark".

- He sang Ain't no mountain high enough with me when we were listening to it on his ipod.

Guy #2:

- He clipped my band uniform collar for me when I couldn't do it and I didn't even have to ask him to do it.

- I fell asleep on him and he didn't wake me up and felt bad when he moved and accidentally woke me up.

- When he walked into the jazz room during my class, he pointed at me and smiled.

- He let me share a mutual friend's ipod because he wanted me to hear some songs he liked.

- He asked me if I was going to orchestra one day and he felt bad when I told him I couldn't go.

- He playfully told off another guy when I was "upset" that the other guy was doing something "mean". (I don't remember what anymore)



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What Guys Said 1

  • personally I think guy number 1 is better, he seems to be more open about liking you and he seems to be the one letting you know he likes you


What Girls Said 1

  • guy number 2 all the way girl!


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