Is he being friendly or flirting with me?

OK so am confused because my ex boyfriend/father of our child , does this everytime he's around me I told him to stop he said OK and later on continues to do it meaning pinching my fat and bumping into me on purpose he's keeps being a goof, and he never was before. So what I don't get if this is flirting or is it being friendly sense we was together for 5 years and he left me for his current girlfriend he has now. I did ask him to change my breaks and he did and ask what he's getting in return, so I responded with I'll pay you if u want and he said no;but when he was done with my car he ask me for a pack of cogs and pop and I did get it for him and he said that's right am still the king am the boss like always I laugh and said you wish... so u see why am confused...
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Common people any advice will help me out thanks
Is he being friendly or flirting with me?
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