Why is she still trying to interact?

My girlfriend and I went through quite a bit of trouble in the last few months... and I ended it a few days ago. I told her i needed to forget she ever existed so that i could move on. She said thankyou of everything while i didn't say it because... i mean she was the one that hurt me and I was really sick of it. It was my birthday that day (best birthday ever) but u know sometimes you gotta know when it's time to go and that was the time to go. I made VERY clear that we were not ever going to interact again, talk again at all. Meaning NO to friendship. For the past few days she been texting me and sharing memes? I am sure she knows that i did not want anything to do with her anymore but what is the reason she still tries to make a conversation?


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  • Sounds to me like she just wants someone's attention. If it's her fault you gave up she probably didn't care that much about you. If you really wanna make her leave you alone, fuck her friend. I never talk to a guy after that.


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  • I am not sure if she know that you are not at all interested in talking to her or keeping contact with her again and she is still doing this, then it shows some arrogance on her part. Looks like she is teasing you by her act.

    Just continue to ignore her. You made the right decision and so live up to it.


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