Just broke up. He wanted to stay as a friend and I didn't. Do you think my decision was right?

I just broke up from my boyfriend about 2 weeks ago. But i feel so sad about it. I had been rekationship with this guy about 9 month. We didn't have any serious problems but he told me that he doesn't want to get marry. I was ok with it. I helped for many issues of him during our relationship. He is kind , nice but sometimes he doesn't understand that he is making me sad. I also learn that he is still connected with his ex and i told him that it made me uncomfortable.(Because she was stalking our fb and liking them.) Anyway recently we added a new picture and she suddenly found an excuse to call him. I got mad afterwards and left the cafe that we are hanging out. Next day i turned off his calls and he sent a message that he wanted to fix everything but we broke up end of the night because he isn't brave enough for this relationship because he is going to stay in abroad for a year. What should i do? Am i jealous?


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  • First, her liking your facebook stuff doesn't mean she was stalking it. You're just trying to create/add drama.

    Second, he should definitely NOT have answered her call while the two of you were out.

    Third, you behaved immaturely by "turning off his calls" (whatever that means).

    Last, if he's not "brave enough" for the relationship because he's going overseas... why would you want to be with him?

    • Oh got it. But she knew that i am not comfortable with it. She don't know me but she likes my pictures while i am hugging my boyfriend.

      Second... I blocked him because i was busy that day and i just wanted to get away and think clearly.

      Third... He can go to overseas but he has a family here and i am travelling a lot. So it could be work for us. But his family also said something about us because we are not following the same religion and they were against to me a bit. He said his father told him something about it and he said he might be right. So it is better to break up.

    • Gotch'a. So, *I* personally don't think staying in touch with exes (especially on social media... WTF?) is a good idea. It sounds like you didn't like it, and you communicated that to him (good) but that he didn't have the same views. Which can be quite hard to deal with.

      If you told him you needed time to think things over, then okay. I'll grant you that. If you just shut him out and didn't say anything... not a good way to handle things.

      Sounds like he IS weak after all, if he's letting his dad boss him around and make decisions for him while he's supposed to be an adult.

  • No, I think you are right and you are not jealous or you might have felt jealous but you handled it very well. Maybe you are right he is not brave enough for this relationship.


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