How to get him to stay and not break up with you?

My boyfriend and I are kind of rocky right now and we don't know where we are in our realationship. Lately this past July he's stopped texting and he's always busy. I'm used to being second in someone's life and I told him that but he said we should just break up cause he doesn't like it. I say he's pushing me away but he doesn't see it even though it's happening. How do I get him to notice me more and stay with me. Also he loves to go to raves and I don't party anymore how do I get him to stop going every weekend.


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  • Sweetheart, you can't make a man, in this case, a BOY, do anything for you. If he wants to stay with you, he will. If he wants to work on the relationship, he will.

    Don't be desperate for a boy's attention. He's obviously not working to keep you, why would you want that?

    You should want to be a priority and not settle for second place. If he breaks up with you, that's fine. There are wayyy better guys than him

  • Let him leave. You should never have to beg for a man's devotion and loyalty. You shouldn't be having to bargain your position in his life at all let alone over something like that. It sounds like he's being a very lame, uneventful, uninteresting boyfriend who's failing to deliver what you need in a relationship like basic time and attention. You can and will find better.

    If a man ever threatens you with a breakup then simply, calmly say "Okay, I'm single." and let the chips fall where they may.


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