Advice After Being Cheated On?

I went through a break up about 3 weeks ago, but only just recently found out that he'd been cheating on me for over a month before he bothered dumping me (which he did by changing his Facebook relationship status, no explanation given). Anyways, the gory details don't matter, but since I've found out, I've just been experiencing this constant state of anxiety, a heaviness in my chest, nausea, extreme anger (never felt this angry in my life), and underneath it all, really hurt and sad about the whole thing as well. This was my first relationship, we were together for over three years, he'd proposed to me a few times (I always said that he should ask again when I was done University), so it was really serious. I thought I'd be spending my life with this guy.
I'd really like some advice on how to move on and let go of all the negativity. It's a fucking hell. What helped you guys move past being cheated on?
Advice After Being Cheated On?
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