He just wants to be friends?

My boyfriend and I were dating 3 years. He's 28, I am 25. About a week ago we got into our first real fight. Along with my best friend. The two of them got very upset with me over something rather petty, it had just been building up for a while. But we all talked about it. We all had things to work on. My friend is also going some troubles with her soon to be ex-husband. The three of us all close friends, so we're all also trying to deal with that.

Not more than a week later, he broke up with me. He said he needed space, he didn't see a future with me anymore. Although whenever I tried to talk to him about "our" future I was brushed off quickly. How could he expect to see a future with me, if we never talked about it. We're still friends. He said I was one of the closest friends he's ever had. He still loves me, he still cares about me. We're still going to be best friends. Along with my other friend.

Does it sound like there could be a possibility that he'll rethink his decision to just be best friends?
I just don't believe after 3 years together, it took him one week to decide that I wasn't "the one." As he said he had been thinking about this for a week. He sent me a text saying this was just eating him up inside. That I am good person. He still cares about me. He just doesn't see this going anywhere anymore. I immediately called him. He was reluctant, but I remained persistent that our three together deserved to be talked to face to face. Eventually he agreed, and I drove to his apartment.
Between my friend and her troubles with her husband, emotions for all 3 of us are flying everywhere. Everyone is hurting.

Things had been a little weird between us since the fight, but he said we'd work on things. No one really saw this coming. Our other friend was shocked. My sisters boyfriend talked to him (they're pretty good friends) and even he said this wasn't the person he knew. Something else has to be going on.


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  • I have tried it with my ex of 6 years. It honestly is hard to stay friends especially after everything you both have been through and the history. One is bound to get jealous at some point when the other starts dating. But i could be wrong.

  • Yes.

  • Is he into your other friend?

    • No. They're just friends. Just like he and I will be. The 3 of us will continue to be best friends.

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