Girlfriend doesn't treat me like a priority?

I've been dating this girl and things are serious between us. However, I never feel like a priority. She moved away for college which is why we are wait a year and a half until we can move in together, while we both pursue our degrees. During the week its the same thing, she has to the college so she can get her financial aid or her registration. She needs to go sailing with her dad. Her step mom invited the whole family to dinner so she needs to do that. She needs to go job searching so she can get income. I totally understand that she needs to get registered for college, that's the whole reason she's out there! I understand she wants to spend time with her dad and her stepmom because she hasn't seen her dad in a really long time and wants to make the best impression on the step mom. I understand that she needs to go job searching so she can make money so we can move in together like we plan to do. I just don't see where i fit in, as selfish as that sounds. I dont want it to sound like "me, me, me" but last night she planned to talk to me after a whole day of college registration, job searching and going to dinner with family. She came home at 8:30PM and fell asleep on accident because i got off of work at 9:30PM so she was waiting for me. She woke back up and i just got the vibe from her texts that she really wasn't in the mood to talk. I sadly couldn't respond cause she sent me the texts while i was still at work but it seemed like a really fast "oh dang i fell asleep.. am i too late? im too late.. okay goodnight!" Its almost always me texting her, me calling her when we agreed prior to the times for us to talk. There was this one time where she planned to go to an art festival with her dad and stepmom so she could acquire an opportunity for an internship however it was right after we agreed to talk on my break. All in all, she sadly left to go to the festival because i took my 10 minute break 10 minutes too late, so
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when i called her, the call kept breaking up so i hung up. I tried talking to her about it but she got very upset. In the end she agreed to change things up so we could talk but its turned into the same thing again. I want her to spend time with her family and have a life but i dont want to be pushed aside everytime it happens.
Girlfriend doesn't treat me like a priority?
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